Talk: Learning Solutions, Orlando, March 25, 2015

Bill and Ed presented on the Management Xchange stage at 11:00am, Wednesday March 25th. Thank you for a lively and engaging session.

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Thanks for a great LSCon session


Links to materials from the session. (Please take a second to write us a quick note if you grab these files!)

SB102 Master and Apprentice: A Military Learning Ecosystem

11:00 AM – 11:45 AM Wednesday, March 25

The increasingly mobile workforce tends to walk away with tribal knowledge. Seasoned performers may neglect coaching and mentoring for fear of losing status. And do you really know if that new sales associate is qualified to represent your brand? In this session you will learn how to adapt an established performance system in use throughout the US military to quickly and confidently qualify your new performers. You will learn how to integrate three learning domains (fundamentals, systems, and activities) with coaching and mentoring while building a positive corporate culture.

Link to the Learning Solutions site–expo–learning-stages/

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